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I previously mentioned that everyone who has been ripped off by Advanta Bank Corp should tell Congress, the news media, their State attorney general. I believe that the Advanta CEO needs to know what his bank is doing to hard working Americans!

Write, fax, or call:

Dennis J. Alter, CEO/Chairman of the Board Directors

Welsh and McKean Roads

P.O. Box 844

Spring House, PA 19477

Tel: 215-657-4000

Fax: 215-444-5995

Complain and tell him how you have been ripped off by Advanta Bank Corp. He needs to know so that when Congress calls him on the spot, he cannot say that he did not know!

Let's put a stop to Advanta Bank Corp and all the other predator banks. Why should American taxpayers bail these bank when they are already getting into our pockets!

John A.

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I transferred business accounts to Advanta

Bank Corp. due to it's low interest (at the time)....They closed the accounts (of thousands) ....then jacked up the interest rate and sky-rocketed the payments.....

They are bankrupting there customers........



I problem got resolved immediately. Don't know if CEO Dennis Alter or my State Senator got it resolved.

I wrote both of them. Key is to let CEO Alter know in case someone files a class action lawsuit, he cannot say he did not know or should have known the flagrant fraud was taking place.

Meyenburg, Brandenburg, Germany #47606

Advanta's CEO could care less what is happening to you. He's sitting up there in his ivory tower collecting his $5 million a year.

Advanta is closing 110,000 accounts this year trying to save and recover cash. They added 67,000 new customers last year.

The 200+ of us they have screwed over so far is a whiz in the ocean. The only way they will listen is if you sue them in small claims court or mount a class action lawsuit against them.

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