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I noticed my interest rate went from 7.99 to 19.99%. When I called I spoke to Joann she put me on hold for several minutes when she returned she said she could not find a reason for this that my account was in good standing.

She then said that back in May they had sent out a letter stating they were restructuring thousands of accounts( I never received any letter) I asked to speak to her supervisor. He also had no explanation except because of the economy they were raising rates and said he could not do anything about it. I told him I have excellant credit why would I keep this card and pay this high rate!

He said take your resources and do what you have to do. Advanta Bank is ripping people off!!

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Frosinone, Lazio, Italy #23041

Just received new statement from Advanta Bank.. They raised my interest fron 7.99 to 24.99% Account is good standing and my average score is approx 780-790.

Cust service said they did it and I can get a review in 3 months. Im paying down my balance and In out of this.

I would love to charge 25% to credit worthy customers all day long, what a wonderful world it would be. STAY AWAY FROM ADVANTA!!!!!!!!

Hope Valley, Rhode Island, United States #21889

Credit card companies check your credit report every month to spot any late payments you have. If you are ever late on anything and it shows on your report, then the credit card companies automatically raise your interest rate. No questions asked.

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