This Advanta Bank Credit card is the worst and cheating bank ,we hope the FBI ,CIA gorverment need to force them to closed down the business and report their crime to cheating all America Business owners ,cheating from 0.9%-7.99% lier to all people ,after few months later rising up to 29.99%-39.99%.We hope the United State president Mr.Obama force them to a crime bank and give them a big panetly plus put them in jail and pay all money cheating back to all USA business owners.by their riff-off in the passed.

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Well it seems like i'm not alone. This bank is one of the biggest crooks out there, hope to join the class action suit.


Here a ray of hope for California residents:

Filed June 16, 2009, Case #109CV144965 in Santa Clara County Superior Court. Ron Stern and Jack Scalfani plaintiffs vs.

Advanta Bank Corp., a Utah corporation, and Advanta Corp.,a Delaware corporation Defendants.

Class Action Complaint for Damages, Restitution, Injunctive and Declaratory Relief, Breach of Contract and Violations of the Unfair Competition Law and the False Advertising Act. Demand for jury trial.

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