Add me to the list...interest rate hike from 7.99% to 25.5%...No reason given by foreign nationals manning the bilge pumps (phones).

Surely there is a lawyer out there with an eye to a class action.There's plenty of dirt to sift through from hundreds of Advanta victims & by the way why does Pissed off consumer run ADVANTA adds on the very same complaint page?..rub salt in the wound guys!

I would urge everyone to file a complaint with their states Banking Commission & Attorney General.I would also urge everyone to write to the CEO & Chief Financial officer of ADVANTA.

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Meyenburg, Brandenburg, Germany #43081

They did the same thing to me and many many others. If you would like to join our class action lawsuit, please e-mail me (take out the pluses) dec+458+@+msn+.com.

Meyenburg, Brandenburg, Germany #38517

I just got screwed also when they jacked my rate from 11 to 30%. Anyone know the e-mail address of Advanta's corporate officers? :(

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